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Baby Ice Lolly Ideas

It was long weekend here in England and the weather was exquisite, almost as if it knew that this was its last attempt at summer.
Our usually quiet neighbourhood was buzzing with the sound of kids playing outside and the laughter of friends having barbecues and drinking too much beer. It felt like home.

It was so hot this weekend that I wished we had an aircon.  Seth was also running a bit of a fever thanks to teething, so I had to find creative ways to try and keep him cool without overdoing it (and giving him convolutions) and to soothe his sore gums.

Few months back, when summer was in full swing and he was about six months old, I had made pea and pear baby ice lollies. Peas are his favourite thing to eat so I knew that he would love them in frozen form too. They went down a treat.

Peas + pears.

Blueberries + strawberries + plain yogurt.

Parsnips + spinach, apples and swedes.

In a day, he could happily eat four baby ice lollies so I wasn’t comfortable with him only having fruit lollies. Since the peas worked out so well, I decided to make more with his other favourites; parsnips and spinach.

The baby lolly mould that I used is from Nuby. (I got it from Amazon for £5.)  There are many brands that make this type of mould but I chose this specific one because each handle is a different colour.

To make the lollies, I simply squeezed in Ella’s Kitchen puree pouches or used a baby spoon to scoop in Cow & Gate’s baby food from their jars. When I checked on them after two hours, they were frozen solid so it really doesn’t take long to make these.

I loved that Seth got so filthy while eating the lollies. Not only because he looked like he was having the best time, but it also gave me an excuse to bust out the baby splash pool one last time.

When he was still nice and clean.

Now that the long weekend has come to an end, so has the sunny weather. As I type this, the clouds are rolling in, signalling the start of autumn.

* If your baby is very young and not eating solids, you can freeze breast milk or formula too.

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  1. Zoë

    I think your idea is a fantastic one – to incorporate the veg into the ice lollies rather than just fruit (which has a lot of natural sugars). I’ll be passing this advice on to friends. Thanks very much 🙂

  2. Alicia

    These are so awesome! I used to freeze strawberries and celery for my kids to chew on when they were teething. This looks so much easier and you can really change up the fruits and veggies in it ! Love it!

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      Ah that’s so clever! I’m going to do that.

  3. Kasia Olszewski

    While I don’t have a baby, I have an adorable nephew who is soon to be one years old. I remember his terrible teething days, of course, they aren’t quite over yet. He loved using homemade stuff like this! Thank you for sharing yours!

  4. thatssodarling

    Love that you just froze the squeeze packets, great idea for my 1 year old also.

  5. Nicole

    This is such a cute idea wow! Love the pictures too.

    – Nicole S.

    The Inspiration Closet

  6. Lydia

    I made the pear and peas one this evening. I thought it would be kinda funky mixing those flavours but it was actually delicious! BUT I prefer it as a slushy 😉

    Very cool recipes.

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      Ahhh haaaaa…

  7. Emma @ Supper in the Suburbs

    Great suggestions – love that you did one with veggies too! Why not eh?! When it’s boiling hot any ice lolly is better than no ice lolly!

  8. Alex

    This is such a genius idea! Definitely a wee business that could be built here!

  9. Megan

    That last photo – flip, I die! He is so gorgeous, friend! I love him so much!

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