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Balloon Monkey – Helium balloons delivered to your door

I was adamant that we were going to have loads of balloons at Seth’s first birthday party. I love foil balloons. I may even be a little obsessed with them. I’m always looking for an excuse to buy them, so I took full advantage of Seth’s birthday.

When I started looking for balloons for the party, I realized that I was going to have to fork out quite a bit of money to get the kind of balloons that I wanted. Having only ever bought single foil balloons here and there, it never crossed my mind how quickly they become super expensive when you want to make a balloon bouquet.

On my mission to fulfil the idea of the party that I had in my head (I blame Pinterest), but also not bankrupt myself, I started comparing prices. I wanted at least 10 foil balloon shapes, and a number one balloon, filled with helium.

Option one

Buy everything, even the helium, myself.

You can buy foil balloons almost anywhere now, such as Amazon, Hobbycraft and Tesco to name a few places.
“Good news”, I thought and went on my merry way to add everything to my cart on Tesco Direct.
1 Helium canister = £20
10 star foil balloons = £20
1 x number 1 foil balloon = £5
2 x balloons weights = £2
228m of balloon ribbon = £5.50
Total: £52.50

That’s nearing a week’s groceries… for balloons!?
And I’d still have to fill and arrange them all. Sjoe!

Option two

Buy balloons and have a party shop fill them.

This looked appealing, until I couldn’t get a single balloon filled for less than £2 in my town. Hobbycraft will do it for £1 per balloon, but only if you buy your balloons from them. If you bring your own balloons, then they charge £3 per balloon. Cheesus!
I didn’t even bother calculating this because just filling the balloons would have cost £33.

Option three

Buy the balloons from Hobbycraft and have them fill it.

10 star foil balloons = £20
1 x number 1 foil balloon = £5
2 x balloon weights = £2
Fill 11 balloons = £11
TOTAL: £38

Sure, I save £14.50, and they would arrange the balloons into bouquets for me… but I would need to walk from Hobbycraft to the car with the balloons… with Seth in the pram… and then fit everything in the car… and walk the 200 meters from the garage (in another street) to the house… with Seth in tow. Mmmm… no thanks.

Option four

Have balloons delivered to me.

This really appealed to me. The balloons would arrive at my house, already inflated with helium and arranged into a bouquet. So convenient! Having the balloons arrive all ready to go, would also save me about half an hour to an hour’s party prep time – something that I desperately need.

I started looking for companies that offer this type of service and I was pleased to find quite a few. Knowing that I’ll probably be spending upwards of £40, I wanted to read reviews about each company’s service, but I couldn’t find any proper, in depth reviews. There were lots of little, one-line testimonials floating around, but I wanted to know A LOT more, such as:

How long did it take to arrive?
How did it arrive? Does it come in a box?
Were all the balloons intact / inflated when you opened the box?
Was it really as simple as just opening the box, et viola?
How long did the balloons last?
Was it worth the money?

I took it upon myself to review a balloon delivery service, and that’s when I got in touch with Balloon Monkey.

I chose Balloon Monkey because they had the largest selection of foil balloon bouquets – exactly what I was after. Their Christmas balloon selection was massive, and it took me a full day to make up my mind.

Balloon Monkey - Christmas Balloons

I eventually settled for a red, gold, silver and blue bouquet that was topped with Santa and Rudolf. It was perfect. I loved it so much that I opted for the extra-large bouquet which has 11 balloons in it.

The balloons arrived in a massive box which looked very intimidating and heavy, but it was light as air.

Helium shrinks in cold temperatures, so as soon as the box started to warm up inside the house, I could hear the balloons expanding. I waited until I could see the box bulging before I opened it, for “maximum effect”. The balloons sky rocketed out of the box and began floating up and up and stopped just short of the ceiling. It was AWESOME!

Balloon Monkey - Seth's First Birthday

One silver star balloon, right at the bottom was a little deflated. In my haste to cut it off, I accidentally cut the ribbon for another balloon too. What an idiot!
You’d never know that two balloons were missing though because there were SO MANY balloons on the bouquet. It still looked as impressive as ever. This would have been a problem if I went for a smaller bouquet, and I would probably have been very upset about it.

The balloons stayed fully inflated for 12 days. By day 15 all of them were staring to deflate, but still have enough helium in them to float. I didn’t wait to see how long it would take them to deflate until they sunk to the floor because they looked like shiny, wrinkly bags and it was not a very pretty sight.

The extra-large bouquet I chose cost £51. Delivery is usually £4, but since it was over £50, the delivery fee was waived.

Even though this only came in at £1.50 cheaper than buying everything myself, it saved me so much time and worry. It was such a stress-free process. What arrived was exactly what was shown on the website and it took all of 30 seconds to “set-up”.

Balloon Monkey - Seth's First Birthday

Balloon Monkey - Seth's First Birthday

I also don’t think that one, small helium canister (£20) would have been enough to fill all the balloons, so it would most likely have costed me £72.50 if I bought it myself. And just thinking about walking around with such a massive balloon bouquet is giving me anxiety as I type this blog post – the convenience of having the balloons delivered to my door is worth the price tag.

I do need to point out that buying one balloon for delivery, is not worth the money. A single balloon costs £13. Obviously, there’s labour, materials, packaging and shipping to cover, so it is expensive for the company to do just one balloon, but the more you add, the more economical it is for both parties – so go big and you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

Balloon Monkey’s bouquets come in various sizes, the most common being 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 11 balloons. Each bouquet has a “show stopper” right on top and the rest of the balloons are a mix of shapes such as circles, stars or hearts.

Balloon Monkey - Different sizes

If you are wondering why they only do foil balloons, it’s because latex is porous, so it deflates rapidly. After a few hours, a latex balloon will be on lying on the floor.
Foil balloons, however, can last for two weeks. This is good news if you have a string of parties set over a weekend, or are having different guests over through-out the week, etc. The balloons will last long enough for you to get more than one use out of them. This came in handy for me so that I could take cute photos of Seth the day after his party. It was just too manic on the day.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why not send some balloons instead of flowers (or both)? They’re way more fun and make amazing photo props.

Balloon Monkey have a whole bunch of Valentine’s Day bouquets to choose from.

Balloon Monkey - Valentine's Day

You can even have your own face printed on a balloon! How rad!? They also have literally any other theme you can think of.  Here are my favourite picks:

Balloon Monkey - Singles

Balloon Monkey - Baby Shower

Balloon Monkey - Boys

Balloon Monkey - Birthday



If you would like to win a balloon bouquet of your own, simply follow the instructions in the widget below. You’ll be asked which bouquet you would like to win as the mandatory first entry, so head on over to their website (here) so long to browse their selection. Max value of this giveaway is £35 including delivery.

Win a balloon bouquet from Balloon Monkey

Terms and Conditions

Open to UK Mainland residents only.
No purchase required.
The competition runs from Thursday, 18 January 2018 to Tuesday, 13 February 2018.
One winner will be announced on Wednesday, 14 February 2018.
The winner will have seven days to supply a delivery address. If an address is not supplied, a new winner will be chosen.
The winner will receive one balloon bouquet of their choice from Balloon Monkey to the value of £35 including delivery.
The prize is not transferable for cash.
Prize is sponsored by myself, Leigh-Ann Otto.

Good luck!

Product has been sent to me for review.

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