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Belmio Coffee Pods

Belmio Coffee Pods

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but the start of the year is always insanely busy for me. All those emails to catch up on, phone calls to return, meetings to schedule! It’s just not possible to do it all without a strong cup of coffee.

I’m a bit of a coffee snob. I’ll admit that. It’s hard not to be one when you’ve grown up around artisanal coffee in the Mother City. I also have so much coffee paraphernalia it’s a bit ridiculous. Different machines, too many different types of coffee to count, presses, pods, you name it – I’ve got it.

My most recent discovery was Belmio coffee pods, which are Nespresso compatible – something that’s very exciting for a coffee lover like me.

Without harping on about South Africa, and the “good coffee days”, something that I have sorely missed, is non-Nespresso branded coffee pods that fit into my Nespresso machine. Back home, you can buy Nespresso compatible coffee pods in all the big grocery stores, and a lot of coffee shops have brought out their own line of pods filled with their house-roasted ground beans. Then I moved to the UK and it’s just tea, tea, tea. Sooo much tea.

At one stage, I was scooping out the used coffee from my Nespresso pods and refilling them with my favourite ground coffee and resealing them with foil stickers. Talk about a schlep. I bet you’re thinking, “just use a percolator or a French press!” But guys, I have. It’s just not the same, even if you use the same coffee. There’s something magical that happens when 9 bars of pressure is applied to your coffee. This is why coffee shop coffee is so yummy. Those machines run at 19 bars upwards. It’s science.

Belmio Coffee Pods

Belmio currently have 13 pod varieties in 2 collections, with more launching soon. They follow a similar intensity rating as Nespresso and it states whether the pod if for espresso or lungo use (or both) – so choosing a pod for your preferred taste is easy and intuitive.

The pods fit perfectly into my Nespresso machine. I’ve had no issues with them getting stuck or clogged. The packaging sleeves also fit into my pod holder without issues.

A few years back, when I got my first Nespresso machine, there was a lot of up roar (from Nespresso) about people using non-Nespresso branded pods in their machines, but in 2014 courts ruled that they were being anti-competitive. These days anyone can make Nespresso compatible pods and they are perfectly fine to use without worrying about your warranty being voided. That being said, if it is proven that the actual pod’s design was what caused your machine to fail, Nespresso is not liable for the damages. Which to me, is fair. But Nespresso also has to let competitors know if any design changes are made to the pods or machines, so that they can adapt accordingly. So I wouldn’t even stress about it, honestly.

Belmio Coffee Pods

Don’t think of Belmio pods as an alternative to Nespresso. They’re an addition to your collection. The flavours are all unique and very different – that’s if you’re someone who doesn’t think “coffee is coffee”.

I have tried 5 varieties:
Risoluto (Espresso 9/12)
Intenso (Espresso 8/12)
Largo (Lungo 7/12)
Origio (Espresso 7/12)
Allegro (Espresso 6/12)

What I’ve noticed about all five, is that the ashy / carbony flavours are very dominant. I love a dark roast, so this is right up my alley.

They’re also mostly chocolatey. I do enjoy a fresh citrusy coffee, especially in the morning, but during the day, when I’m snacking on something like a pain au chocolat, then I always go for a Belmio Intenso pod because it pairs so well.

Largo has been my favourite anytime pod though. It’s sweet, well rounded, full bodied and fruity. I have mine with extra milk.

A sleeve of 10 pods costs around £3 and is available to buy from Belmio’s online shop.


If you would like to get your hands on a sample pack of 50 pods containing Risoluto, Intenso, Largo, Origio and Allegro, then simply follow the instructions listed in the Gleam widget below.

Win 50 Belmio Coffee Pods

Terms and Conditions

Open to UK Mainland residents only.
No purchase required.
The competition runs from Thursday, 11 January 2018 to Thursday, 8 February 2018.
One winner will be announced on Friday, 9 February 2018.
The winner will have seven days to supply a delivery address. If an address is not supplied, a new winner will be chosen.
The winner will receive one sample pack of 50 Belmio coffee pods containing 1 sleeve (10 pods) of each flavour: Risoluto, Intenso, Largo, Origio and Allegro.
The prize is not transferable for cash.
Prize is sponsored by Belmio and will be sent to the winner by Belmio. Please allow 30 days for delivery.

Good luck!

Product has been sent to me for review.

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  1. Solange

    I love a latte.

  2. Clare Hubbard

    Mocha, no machine and haven’t tried this yet. Although am trying to convince the husband we need a coffee machine!

  3. Lindsey Stuart

    I love a Latte yummy! Such a treat especially at lunch time 😉

  4. Lorna Ledger

    I have not tried this brand, but I do have a Nespresso, my fav flavour is Moccha! Yum!

  5. Simone Griffin

    It has to be a latte for me x

  6. Lynsey Buchanan

    My favourite coffee is a Mocha

  7. Louise Reeks

    i do enjoy a latte

  8. Natalie Crossan

    I love vanilla or caramel lattes x

  9. S Edwards

    I love a latte.

  10. Julie T

    No I haven’t tried the Belmio pods but they look terrific and I shall keep an eye out in the future. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  11. Claire glace

    Im looking through the sales to hopefully buy a machine, and my fave is an extra hot wet latte !!

  12. Lynne Manton

    I love cappuccino, latte and mocha but I enjoy experimenting with coffee, so these pods would be a real treat in my Nespresso.

  13. Karen Barrett

    I haven’t tried the Belmio Pods but would love to

  14. Laura Chapman

    A latte is my favourite coffee from my lovely Nespresso machine. I’ve never tried Belmio pods, but would certainly love to give them a go, especially if they taste as good as Nespresso’s.

  15. Kerry Kilmister

    I have a Nespresso machine. I love a Columbian coffee.

  16. Sean Lee

    I have yet to try the pods,so here’s hoping

  17. Elaine Savage

    I love a latte best. I do have a Nespresso machine but had never even heard of Belmio pods. They sound really good and it would be wonderful to win some to try out.

  18. linda Gill

    I love latte….and was given a nespresso machine for xmzs , so thank you for the Belmio tip

  19. Karen H

    It would have to be a plain simple creamy latte to sit and relax with

  20. Danielle Spencer

    Yes I have a Nespresso machine but haven’t tried the Belmio pods yet.

  21. Jo Carroll

    A very creamy latte is my fave treat but a nice strong coffee on it’s own is my staple diet 😉

  22. Kamara

    I do have a Nespresso machine! I love flat whites and espresso machiattos. I’ve never tried these pods before.

  23. Steven S

    Latte at present but really want a machine for home to try others out more frequently.

  24. Phil Darling

    flat white does it for me guys

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      This made me giggle!

  25. tim lister

    I’d like to try these ones out!

  26. Liam Bishop

    I love an Espresso in the morning. We have a Dualit Espresso machine which uses the pods as well, so would like to try these. Nespresso is brill but they can get expensive!

  27. sandra de freitas

    Always looking for new coffee to try. I do love a latte though they are my absolute favourite. A real treat on a cold afternoon tucked up with a book!

  28. ashleigh allan

    I have a nerspresso machine!

  29. Kathleen marsden

    My favourite coffee is Espresso but I’ve never tried Belmio pods. I would like to though in my machine

  30. Ren Taylor

    I love esspresso and yes i have a nespresso machine but have not tried nor heard of this coffee make

  31. Sarah M

    a latte yummy!

  32. Fiona K

    My favourite coffee is Americano. I do have a Nespresso machine but haven’t tried Belmio pods before

  33. Karen R

    My favourite coffee is a latte, and we do have a Nespresso machine. I love all the coloured pods xx

  34. Katie W

    I love a good latte

  35. John Tingay

    My favourite way to drink coffee is an espresso with a cold water chaser – try it – it makes every sip taste like that heavenly first one. I received a Nespresso machine and pods for Christmas so I have yet to buy any, and I’ve never tried Belmio.

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      I’ll definitely try this!

  36. laura banks

    i like a latte but most of the time i seem to drink black coffee

  37. Amanda

    Cappuccino always for me!! 😀

  38. Lori Darling

    I have a nespresso machine and would love to try some new pods

  39. Inga Andersen

    I love a latte but it has to be full fat milk!!

  40. leanne weir

    I love a latte

  41. iain maciver

    latte for me

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