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Bidvine: Helping You Complete That Never Ending To-Do List

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will remember all the months we spent pulling wallpaper off the walls in our new place. I even joked at one stage that I was going to go into labour doing it – and I did.

It was a Wednesday evening and I was steaming off some wallpaper by the front door when it happened so we had to leave the entrance hall in quite a state to go have our baby. Once the Little Man had arrived, I didn’t want all the people who were coming to see our bundle of joy to be greeted by the messy plaster board so while I was in hospital recovering, Charl went onto Bidvine to find someone who could come finish the work for us. I arrived home, three days later, to a completely different house. The painter had done such a good job, I hardly recognised the place.

Bidvine is a website that allows you to get stuff done. Be it something you need help with, such as hiring a painter or perusing a passion that you’ve always wanted to do, no task is to big or too small.

By answering a series of questions about the type of service you are looking for, Bidvine is able to match you with the best service providers in your area. All the filtering and searching is done for you to save you time.

Now that Seth has arrived, I don’t seem to have enough time to properly clean the house. I can manage the laundry and the dishes but other things that used to be easy, like washing the carpets and windows, have taken a back seat. I could really use some help to Spring clean so I’ve hopped back onto Bidvine’s site to find someone who can assist me.

Once I’ve submitted my request, cleaning companies in my area will be notified and they will then send me bids with their availability and costing. All I have to do is choose the bid that is most convenient for me.

I don’t have to call multiple companies to find out if they offer both carpet cleaning as well as window cleaning, their availability or even wonder if they are reputable. All of this is done by the Bidvine platform.

Now that I have one less thing to worry about (and soon, a clean house), I can go have some ‘me time’ by booking a painting lesson through Bidvine.

There are over 600 services on offer ranging from urgent repairs, furniture assembly, cooking lessons, document translation and even wedding planning, plus the whole of England is covered too. There’s nothing Bidvine couldn’t help me do. It even allows me to be super productive while I am holding the Little Man or lying on the couch because their website is mobile friendly and super easy to use.

I’m sure you have a million and one things you need to do too, so why not give Bidvine a try?

Stay Sparkly!

This post has been sponsored by Bidvine.

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