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These Boots were Made for Chewing…?

Everyone has their own opinion about baby shoes. Most often, I get the “but why is he wearing them if he can’t walk?” question along with an eye roll.

I personally think baby shoes are a great way to keep tiny feet warm in winter while we’re out and about. Not only that, they look super cute too, so I see no reason not to use them.

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of little boots for Seth for the colder months ahead, and I found them on a mundane trip to Tesco for some milk. Aren’t they gorgeous?

These high tops cost £6 and are cut quite small. Seth is 8 months old but is wearing a 12 – 18 month size.
I know he has big feet but they are not THAT big.

PS: This post is not sponsored. I just needed a reason to spam you with baby pictures.

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  1. Nicola

    I guess getting him to wear them now also makes him used to having them on his feet. So that when he does start walking it’s not an additional new thing he’ll need to get used to.

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      So true! He thinks hats are the worst things in the world and must violently be thrown on the floor.

  2. Erica

    Baby shoes are just adorable! Does there need to be another reason? And I’m sure, like you said, they keep their feet warmer than socks alone. Plus, they’re just soooo cute…like I said! And, of course, your son is super cute too!

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      Hahahah thank you!

  3. Megan

    urgh, come home already so I can meet my dinosaur? I just want to cuddle him!

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author


  4. Ophelia T

    These baby boots look so adorable and stylish. I would love to buy these pairs for my cousin’s baby boy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nicole Paler

    HE IS SO ADORABLE! Damn, I kinda miss my own kiddos when they are that young. And yeah, to each his own and if you want to buy your cute angel some shoes, even if he won’t walk in them then why would other people tell you otherwise? It’s not their money your spending, but yours. Also, as a parent I’m pretty sure we all want the cutest and best for our kids, and that goes to the point of them being dressed up for baby pictures! Because they’re only babies once and they grow up so fast <3 <3 <3

    Thanks for sharing the good vibes with your angel's adorable photos, made me smile. 🙂

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      Hello! Thank you! I agree, they are only babies for such a short time, so I’m going to take ALL the photos!

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