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DIY Advent Calendar Bunting and Gift Ideas

DIY Advent Calendar Bunting and Gift Ideas

When I was a kid, my Gran made the most beautiful cross-stitched advent calendars for us. It was a long piece of fabric adorned with Christmassy patterns, numbers and plastic hoops to tie the gifts on. My mother would meticulously wrap 50 presents or sweets (for my brother and I) and tie each one with a ribbon to each of our calendars. She hated it but we loved her for it.

My mom kept the calendars hanging in their bedroom and no sneaky sweetie stealing ever got past her. Running to my parent’s bedroom each morning to unwrap a tiny treat, was the highlight of many Decembers for me. Having us jump on their bed while they were half asleep, shouting THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! must have been torture, yet they endured it every year. My parents are awesome.

Now that my son is (sort of) at the age to appreciate Christmas, I am doing the same for him. His birthday is on the 1st of December (he’s turning one) so I’m going to make each December a loooong month of “celebrating Seth” and I think that doing an advent is the perfect way to go about it.

I found a really nifty DIY advent kit from Hobbycraft and the rest is history, as they say.

In the kit you get 25 white paper bags, shiny red string, eye stickers, number stickers, character cut outs and double-sided tape.
To make the calendar, you simply paste the cut outs and stickers onto the bags, fill them with your gifts or clues, and hang them on the thread provided.

DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

Since Seth is only one, we’re not doing a daily advent. I’ve chosen nine things to gift him ranging from Christmas pajamas, a Christmas hat, his Christmas dinner outfit and small toys. He’s too small to understand the concept, but the bunting looks very cute hanging on the mantel and I’m sure he will have fun pulling the bags off. He was already going to get these gifts anyway, so I figured we’ll start the tradition early and just make the process more fun and festive.

I quite like the idea of “gifting” him his Christmas pajamas on the 1st of December. If he had a Christmas stocking, I would also have put it in the advent and let him find the perfect spot to hang it up.

I’ve saved his Christmas hat for the second week of December, and his Christmas outfit for the third week. I think that’s good timing.

I picked up all his festive clothing from Tesco.

DIY Advent Calendar - Christmas PJs

DIY Advent Calendar - Christmas Hat

DIY Advent Calendar - Christmas Outfit

DIY Advent Calendar - Christmas Socks

Advent Gift Ideas

Although sweets and chocolate seem to be the go-to for advent calendars, I like to mix it up a bit.
Here’s a list of gifts and activities that I’ll be using as Seth gets older.

A letter from Santa
You can write this yourself, or order one online from Father Christmas Letters.

DIY Advent Calendar - Personalised Story Book

A Personalized Christmas Story Book
Seth’s Snowman story book is from It’s Your Story. You upload an image of your child’s face along with a few personal details like their name, and then you get your very own, one of a kind book in the post with your child as the main character. Neat, hey!?

DIY Advent Calendar - Kits

Christmas decoration kits
There are SO MANY DIY Christmas decoration kits available on the market. Hobbycraft and Baker Ross have loads of options available like DIY baubles and paint your own mugs.
I found my kit at Tesco. It’s pre-cut pieces of adhesive foam that you paste together to make 3 square photo frames which can be hung on the Christmas tree.

DIY Advent Calendar - Cards

Christmas cards
It’s time to post your stack of Christmas cards, so why not get the kids involved? After all, they are most likely going to be the ones receiving ALL the gifts. This is a good time to start writing thank you notes and passing on well wishes for the Feastive Season.
Cards and Sharpies are also from Tesco.

DIY Advent Calendar - Paint

You could let the kids paint their own cards, paint some decorations, paint their own wrapping paper… the list is endless.
I got the Crayola paint from Wilko and the roller from Hobbycraft.

DIY Advent Calendar - Collectables

Be it erasers, Pokemon trading cards, Minecraft figures, Ooshies, Shopkins or Grossery Gang, most kids have something that they like to collect, so add a few to the calendar for them.

DIY Advent Calendar - Stationery

I LOVE stationery. Gift me a Sharpie and I am over the moon. Tesco have a few themed party pack fillers and this dinosaur stationery set is one of them. It comes with six of each item pictured above (grow egg not included), so they are perfect if you have more than one child. You could also separate the items for the different days on the calendar.

General Fillers
This list could go on forever but some of my favourite picks are:

Small packs of sweets
Hot chocolate sachets
Dinosaur eggs
Soft balls
Bouncy balls
Rubik’s cubes
Slider puzzles
Whoopee cushions

DIY Advent Calendar - General Fillers

DIY Advent Calendar - General Fillers

DIY Advent Calendar - General Fillers

DIY Advent Calendar - General Fillers

DIY Advent Calendar - General Fillers

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  1. Ashley Feste

    Such cute ideas, I’ll definitely be back!

  2. Patricia G

    Cute gifts! I am glad for you that you had that Christmas tradition with your gran and your parents. I am happy for you that you are doing it with your son too! I am sure he will treasure it when he gets older. 🙂

  3. Courtney

    I love your ideas! DIY projects always draw me in right away. This is so fun and creative!

  4. Jody

    We also had an advent calendar of sorts. Ours hung by the fireplace and was a treat each evening to take down that day’s piece of candy.

  5. Nita

    This is the first year my little boy has had an advent calendar and it was shop brought, so I’m definitely pinning this for next year! Such a great idea!

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