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For the Love of Miffy

For the Love of Miffy

If the word “cute” was a picture, it would be a picture of Miffy. Those chubby bunny cheeks and the signature crossed snout are well loved all over the world, even after sixty years.

Everything about Miffy is cute, even her original, Dutch name “Nijntje”. (Pronounced nein-kie).
“Nijntje” is a shortened version of “konijntje” (pronouced koo-nein-kie) and it means “little rabbit” in Dutch (and Afrikaans). The thing about the diminutive form in Dutch is that it’s also a term of endearment, something that I feel the English language lacks.

My mother affectionately called me Leigh-Ann-tjie (cute, little Leigh-Ann) when I was younger and it made me feel so loved.
I think this is why everyone loves Miffy.
She’s the universal symbol of pure love.
Sweet, innocent, love and affection. The kind of love between a parent and their children.
She makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and you cannot help but want to scoop her up in the biggest, tightest hug.

I loved my Miffy books as a child. They were easy to understand and I enjoyed looking at the big, bold pictures.
They were very relevant and relatable to me at the time. I remember reading Miffy at School over and over before my first day of Grade One.

Another thing to note, is that Miffy always has a happy ending. This was a big deal for me. I was (and still am) quite sensitive. I’m far too empathetic for my own good. If a character in my story books was having a hard time, I wanted to help them. But there was no way for me to go and help them (because, well, it’s a story) and this made my cry huge tears as a child. It got to a point where my mom took some of my books away from me, such as The Lion King.

Now that I’m all grown up, it makes me so happy to share my favourite books with my son. I find it really amazing when things bring my child as much joy as they did for me. A good story never ages.

For the Love of Miffy

The lovely bunnies at Miffy HQ sent over some books for Seth to add to his (rather large) Miffy collection.

It’s been well established that he’s a book worm. Although he cannot read, (give him a break, he’s only a year old) he loves it when I read to him. It’s the only time he’ll sit still. He also prefers paging through his books again and again, over all his other toys.

I am very excited for the day that he’ll actually understand what I am reading to him, and even more so when he can read by himself.

These books are the gift that keep on giving. Years and years later, I still appreciate them, but in different ways.

At first, they were just pictures.
Then they were just stories.
Then I understood how these stories relate to my life. Miffy goes to school and on holiday, just like me.
Now, that I am a mother, I read the books through new eyes.

The original book, Miffy, is a sweet story of an angel coming to tell Mrs Bunny that her wish is about to come true. Soon afterwards, Miffy is born. As a six year old reading the book, it answered my questions of where kids came from. Now, I realise it’s a story about the miracle that children are, and how lucky we are as parents to receive such a gift.

Miffy Goes Flying is not only a story of Miffy’s adventure in the sky with her Uncle Pilot, and all the amazing new things that she can see from up above, it’s also about your children getting to have amazing opportunities that you may not necessarily be able to provide yourself and being thankful for them.

Miffy the Fairy is just as much about the whimsy of a child’s imagination as it is about realising that you are your own fairy and able make anything you wish for yourself, come true.

Buy Miffy books and merchandise here.


Since sharing is caring, I have a little giveaway for you.
One reader will receive three Miffy books of their choice.

To enter, simply follow the instructions in the widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Terms and Conditions

Open to UK Mainland residents only.
No purchase required.
The competition runs from Thursday, 16 November 2017 to Tuesday, 16 January 2018.
One winner will be announced on Wednesday, 17 January 2018.
The winner will have seven days to supply a delivery address. If an address is not supplied, a new winner will be chosen.
The winner will receive three (3) Miffy books of their choice, to the value of £15. (£5 per book.)
The prize is not transferable for cash.
Prize is sponsored by myself, Leigh-Ann Otto.

Good luck!


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