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Tinysaurus Seth’s Four Month Check In

Tinysaurus Seth’s Four Month Check In

How is it time for Seth’s four month check in already? I’m quite convinced that time is even more fleeting after you have kids. I wrote Seth’s three month check in yesterday, blinked, and now we’re here!

This month has been one of the best so far but it’s also been a challenging one because he’s teething. His gums have been itching since he was six weeks old but now they are properly annoying him. Milk used to be my saving grace. It didn’t matter what the problem was, milk solved them all. Now his gums are too sore to want to drink so he’s been crying a lot which is breaking my heart.

He’s taken to his Sophie the Giraffe teether. I’ve had to coax him with all the other teethers and show him that they are for gumming on, but he wasn’t really interested. I handed him Sophie and he instantly grabbed onto her skinny legs and started munching on her ears. I’m so glad that SOMETHING is working for him. He hasn’t figured out that she squeaks yet, but is completely floored when I press her tummy and a sound comes out. It’s hysterical to watch.

Tinysaurus Seth’s Four Month Check In

I’m going to try re-introduce the other teethers in a week or so as they have different textures and temperatures and I want him to experience these new things too. As amazing as Sophie is, she’s very smooth and won’t stay cold for long if you place her in the fridge.

His Fisher Price bouncer has been a life saver this past month too. This kid LOVES to bounce. When he’s inconsolable the only thing that works is letting him bounce it out as we sing to him or try distract him with a toy or some milk. As soon as we stop bouncing, he cries. We take turns to rock him gently until he falls asleep. We do have a Mamaroo and he loves it, but the motion is more like that of a swing and he prefers the back and forth bouncing when he’s upset.
A big yoga ball has also come in handy because I can sit on it and bounce him in my arms until he settles.

Besides his teething, it was daylight savings on the 26th and it has really messed with his routine and in turn added to his “grumpiness”. He’s still in the exact same routine but when he needs to go to bed now, it’s still light outside. It’s the same issue when he wakes up for his 5.30am feed which is now at 6.30am. The sun is already out and the birds are happily chirping away so he thinks it’s time to wake up and play but normally he’d go back to bed and wake up again at 8am. It’s made both of us very tired and confused.

This month has pretty much just been about calming him down but it’s taken its toll on me and my sanity. I’m thankful that we’ve had really sunny weather so that we can go get some fresh air and just reset a bit. I also always feel better / happier when the weather is lovely so the timing for Spring is perfect.

I love that he’s becoming more aware and interactive with each day. He chats away in gurgles and blows bubbles. He’s also becoming more affectionate and “asking” for cuddles by holding his hands in the air and cooing. I’m really thankful for this because I was devastated when I decided, after 8 weeks, to stop trying to breastfeed (my milk never came in). I felt like I lost that closeness because breastfeeding was very frustrating for him. There was never any milk for him to drink so he’d just get annoyed and cry and I believe he made a negative association with being near my chest because it wasn’t a place of comfort for him before.

In general, though he is a real trooper. He has so many other things to deal with, and yet, he manages to smile and be happy through almost all of it. It’s very inspiring and it gives me a lot of strength to deal with all the things going on at the moment. I swear, baby smiles are like Redbull for the soul.

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