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Gummy Cakes

Halloween Treats with Haribo

I love Halloween and I love sweets. October 30th is also my birthday, so I basically spend the whole month binging on sweets and cake, using “it’s almost my birthday” or “it’s almost Halloween” as my excuse. Not that anyone needs an excuse. Eat the cake if you want the cake.

I think most people have their ‘treat months’. Some go mad with all the chocolate in April, others wait for the mince pies in December. For me, its gruesomely creepy sweeties in October.

Someone cast a spell on Haribo and turned their Starmix into Scaremix and Tangfastics into TangfasTRICKS. But the witch didn’t stop there. The share tubs have been turned into pumpkins and the mini multipacks have been infested with spiders and worms.

Halloween Haribo

You’ll need to be brave while digging into some TangfasTRICKS. You might get a trick or a treat with a mix of tangy, super sour or hot sweets hiding in plain sight.


In the Scaremix, you’ll find:

Toffee apple Monster’s Eyeballs
Cherry, lime and blood orange Boo Bears
Blackcurrant and bubblegum Vampire Hearts
Blood Orange Witches Brew
Blood orange and apple, apple and blackcurrant, blackcurrant and blueberry Dracula Rings


Don’t be sad if you couldn’t stop munching and your share tub runs empty before Halloween arrives. You can top it up with the individual packs of Scaremix and TangfasTRICKS.

Haribo share pumpkin

Haribo share pumpkin

Trick or Treat mini bags come in packs of 11 or 35. In them you will find scary frogs, spiders, worms, bats and pumpkins.

trick or treat

As if these weren’t creepy enough, I decided to brew up my own gruesome concoctions with Haribo’s bewitched candy.

Green Eggs and Ham

I was reading a bedtime story to my son when I realised that the Toffee Apple Monster’s Eyeballs reminded my very much of those famed green eggs. It’s a little conceptual but jelly and ham are closely related, and that’s how this treat was dreamed up. I am thankful that Haribo did all the monster hunting and cleaned up the eyeballs so nicely for me.

Green eggs and ham

Green eggs and ham

Stuck in the Slime

A few Haribo sweets tried to escape from the kitchen cupboard, so I set a deliciously sweet trap for them. I placed some melted chocolate on the counter and they walked right into it and got stuck. Mwahahahahahahaha.

Stuck in the slime

Stuck in the slime

Gummy Cakes

After the sweeties heard that their friends got stuck in melted chocolate, there was a mad dash as the last few free sweets tried to flee. I caught most of them… and ate a few…
The rest got placed on iced fairy cakes to be served to my guests.

Gummy Cakes

Gummy Cakes

I hope you have the best time trick or treating!

Halloween Haribo

Haribo sweets sent upon request.

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