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Haribo Christmas Sweeties

Haribo’s Christmas Sweeties (2017)

I adore the Festive Season. It’s truly the best time of year for me. I love seeing how all my favourite treats get a festive make over, or are repackaged into cute gifts. Haribo has wrapped up their usual yums and brought out advent calendars, selection boxes, gift boxes, Christmas crackers and even tree decorations!

Haribo Advent Calendar

300g of sweeties hiding behind numbered doors for you to nibble on leading up to Christmas Day.

Haribo Sweet Melody Gift Box

Filled with Jelly Babies, Starmix, Tangfastics, Giant Strawbs, Goldbears and Super Mix in a handy share tray.

Haribo Starmix Giant Tube

A long, rectangular tube filled with 384g of Tangfastics and Starmix mini bags.

Haribo Share the Fun Tub

A big, reusable tub filled with 28 mini bags of Starmix, Super Mix and Tangfastics.

Haribo Share the Fun Tub

Haribo Selection Box

Eight mini bags housed in a pretty box, ready for gifting. It contains two mini bags of Starmix, Super Mix and Tangfastics, as well as one mini bag of Happy Cola and Goldbears.

Haribo Selection Box

Haribo Selection Box

Haribo Christmas Crackers

Just like the Maoam cracker below, there are Tangfastics and Starmix crackers available too.

Maoam Stripes Christmas Cracker

A perfect little stocking filler. Any Maoam candy is my favourite.

Maoam Christmas Cracker

Haribo Starmix Tree Decoration

Not only does this look sweet, hidden inside is 50g of yummy Starmix.

Starmix Tree Decoration

Giant Trees (Gelatin free)

Haribo’s Giant Strawbs got a make over and are now in limited edition tree shapes. They still have the same great taste and extra sticky chewiness.

Haribo Giant Trees

Haribo’s Christmas range is available at most major grocery shops through out UK.

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