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Ina Paarman Red Velvet Cake Mix with Cream Cheese Icing – YUM!

Hello Unicorns!

I walked into PnP a few weeks ago and saw this…

I HAD TO TRY IT! I waited for payday, which felt like FOREVER, and finally, I got to make this awesome cake!

What You’ll Need

Cake Ingredients:

1 box of Ina Paarman Red Velvet Cake Mix
2 Eggs
3/4 cup oil
3/4 cup full cream milk
60g cup butter

Icing Ingredients:

1 packet of Ina Paarman Vanilla Icing Mix
1 cup low fat cream cheese
125g butter
* white gel food colouring

Baking the Cake

Step One

Mix the wet ingredients according to the box instructions.

Step Two

Add the cake mix to the wet ingredients and mix untill there are no lumps.

Step Three

Divide your cake mix into two, pre-greased cake tins.

The cake mix is REALLY red. I could taste the colouring when I ate some raw mix, but it baked away.

Step Four

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius. The cake will be done when the edges have moved away from the sides of the cake tin and a tooth pick comes out clean. I can’t tell you how long to bake it since I have no idea what size your tins are. 🙂

Step Five

Let the cake cool COMPLETELY before removing it from the tins. The cake is very moist and soft and it WILL crumble into a million little peaces if you do anything to it white it is still warm.

Making the Icing

Step One

Cream the butter.

*Step Two

This step is optional. I like my icing to be as white as possible so I add white gel colouring to the butter. I don’t like margarine or Wooden Spoon. If you do add the white gel icing, use it sparingly as it is VERY bitter and can ruin the taste of your icing quickly.
You won’t get super white icing from the butter but it will at least be more of an ivory than a bright yellow. The cream cheese will also help to whiten it.

Step Three

Add the cream cheese and mix it into the butter with an electric mixer.

Step Four

Add the icing mix and beat it with an electric mixer.

Icing the Cake

Step One

Place a little icing onto the dish you are going to present the cake on and put the first layer of cake on top. This stops the cake from accidentally sliding around. Who know – sh*t happens!

Step Two

Place looots of icing on top of the first cake layer and place the second layer of cake on top.

Step Three

Add enough icing to cover the top and sides of the cake. Smoothen it out and decorate your cake as desired. I used some left over cake crumbs and edible glitter.

Step Four


Hahahah I have SO much icing in the middle.

The Verdict

I loved this cake. I also thought the cream cheese frosting was spot on. Yum Yum YUM!

Stay Sparkly!

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