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Introducing Baby Dove

Apologies in advance for my yukky photos! We recently moved house and I have no idea in which box my lighting is.

I first spotted Baby Dove about three months ago during my daily Superdrug website check in. (I wish I was joking but I may have a Superdrug obsession). Anyway, I HAD to have it. I love Dove products in general and that iconic powdery, floral scent is one of my all time favourites – so I bought it.

I always felt that Baby Dove had a particularly soft launch here in the UK. No one (that I follow on social media) was talking about it and I never saw any adverts for it… until last week. What a poop storm that’s turned into! The ASA has already been bombarded with complaints about it, so I’m not going to add (too much) fuel to the fire. I do, however, feel that it is a faux pas on Dove’s part and not something that’s being misinterpreted or misunderstood by the general public.
I get the adverts. I really do. Everyone has their own way of parenting, and Baby Dove is basically telling us “you do you” BUT they chose some of the most controversial topics (to get people talking), that actually have nothing to do with parenting let alone baby skincare. Breast feeding in public is not “parenting”. It’s feeding your child. Everyone else eats out in the open and babies should be allowed that too. You cannot be neutral about it or support those who are for it AND against it, at the same time. As simple as that.
Even though I don’t agree with the adverts, I am not going to crucify or boycott them for a bad ad campaign. It happens. I hope they see where they went wrong and that’s where I’m going to leave it.

Back to the products now.
There are two ranges available in the UK: Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range

Head to Toe Wash (£1.90 for 200ml / £3.10 for 400ml)
Shampoo (£1.90 for 200ml / £3.10 for 400ml)
Body Lotion (£1.90 for 200ml)
Baby Bar (69p for 75g)
Nappy Rash Cream (£3.50 for 45g)
Baby Wipes (£1.50 for 50 wipes)
Gift Set (£8)

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range

Head to Toe Wash (£1.90 for 200ml / £3.10 for 400ml)
Body Lotion (£1.90 for 200ml)
Baby Wipes (£1.50 for 50 wipes)

I initially only picked up the Rich Moisture range (because Seth does not have any skin issues other than a tiny bit of eczema behind his ears) but then I got a few requests to review the range so I bought the Sensitive Moisture range too. (I would not have wanted to buy the Sensitive range if I wasn’t already a fan of the Rich Moisture range.)

Seth was about four months old when I first started using Baby Dove so I can only compare this to Johnson’s Top to Toe baby products since that’s what I had been using on him since birth.
The main difference (between J&J and Dove) was that Baby Dove is a lot more moisturizing – as expected. The Baby Dove shampoo also left his hair feeling a lot softer. So, for me, I much preferred using Baby Dove because it made his soft, baby skin even softer so I’ve been using it ever since.

Baby Dove Scent

Apart from one or two ingredients (depending on the product), the scent is what sets the two ranges apart the most.

The Sensitive Moisture range has no scent but the lack of fragrance lets you get a whiff of chemicals. It’s very faint but you are aware that you are not using something natural / organic etc. I don’t mind it because I’m not too fussy about such things. If you are, then this is not the range for you.

The Rich Moisture range has a subtle fragrance, which I can’t describe even if I tried, but it does not linger on Seth which makes me a little sad. When I use Johnson’s Baby Pink Softwash, my boy has that ‘baby smell’ for a whole day and I LOVE that scent, so I am a bit disappointed when I can only smell the beautiful Baby Dove fragrance when my nose is buried in his hair. I am also sad that the range doesn’t share the Original Dove scent but it’s not the end of the world because I could just switch to normal Dove at a later stage.

Baby Dove Head to Toe Wash

I’m SO happy that these have pump nozzles (I wish the shampoo did too) but they are a bit hard to press. I thought it was just mine but then the Sensitive one did the same. It’s OK though, you just have to press a little harder.

What I look for in a baby wash is that it lathers enough to make cleaning effortless but still rinses off easily. I don’t want to spend ages trying to rinse a slippery, wriggly baby. I find that I get most of the baby wash off after the first rinse which I’m very pleased about.

Baby Dove Shampoo

I really like this shampoo. It foams up well and rinses out in no time and at the end of it all, Seth’s hair feels REALLY soft but then again he has my hair, which is straight and not prone to tangling.

Baby Dove Lotion

This is a fuss free, lovely to use lotion in the most adorable little bottle. I love the shape and that it’s so flat. It fits nicely into my nappy bag without taking up much space, despite being quite big.

It soaks in fast and doesn’t leave any oily or sticky feeling behind. It’s quite light weight though and has been perfect for spring and summer. I’m keen to see how it will perform in the winter months. My guess is that I may be reaching for something a little thicker but I’ll keep you posted.

Baby Dove Nappy Rash Cream

Although this teeny tiny amount of nappy cream (in quite a large tube) is very expensive, it’s very effective too. I find that some barrier creams, like Bepanthen are good at keeping nappy rash away, but not the best or fastest at healing it when it does flare up. The formula is very similar to Sudocrem (which I swear by) and I think it works just as well.

I just can’t justify the price though. A lot of other nappy rash creams are at this price point, but I can pick up a 400ml tub of Sudocrem for £6. That’s almost NINE times the amount of product for less than half the price extra. Let that sink in.

Baby Dove Baby Wipes

I think most parents are VERY opinionated about which baby wipes they prefer, so I was curious to see if these “met my standards”.

I love Pampers Sensitive wipes. They get a score of ten out of ten from me.
My absolute worst is the orange pack of Huggies wipes. Those get a score of one.

I loved using the Sensitive Moisture wipes but I felt they could have been a tiny bit more moist. I especially enjoyed that one side was smooth and the other side had small raised bumps.

The downside is the price. They cost £1.50 for a pack of 50 wipes. I have looked EVERYWHERE and the cheapest bulk option is a twelve pack box for £12 on Amazon. That works out to be £1 per pack – not bad.
It’s nowhere near the exorbitant price of Water Wipes (£2.70 for 60 wipes) but it’s still more expensive than my favourite Pampers wipes so I’m going to rate these eight out of ten.

On the other hand, I really didn’t enjoy the Rich Moistuer wipes at all.
In general, I don’t like using scented wipes of any kind – not even scented makeup remover wipes. The fragrance of these wipes was SO potent that it actually made my nose burn. I’m not sure if it was a batch issue or something else but they smelt so strong! I also think that these wipes gave Seth nappy rash since they were they only change I made to his routine. The Baby Dove nappy cream did a great job at clearing it up but I also stopped using the wipes as soon as I saw the redness because I thought that the perfume may burn his now sensitive skin. These get a rating of one out of ten from me.

I also haven’t seen the Rich Moisture wipes in the shops (in my town) for at least a month. The only place I’ve seen is on Boots’ website. So, it COULD be that they need to rework the formula a bit, or that the shops just haven’t caught up yet but it’s made me very curious because the Sensitive Moisture wipes are available pretty much everywhere. #conspiracy

Baby Dove Moisture Bar

This is the only product that I have not bought but only because I don’t like using “soap” bars.

Baby Dove Petroleum Jelly

The Baby Dove petroleum jelly is not available in the UK.

Final Thoughts

My three favorite products are the head to toe wash (from both ranges), the shampoo and body lotion (also from both ranges). I adore them and will definitely be repurchasing these time and time again.

As for the rest of the products; I have better (and cheaper) alternatives for them.

If you are keen to test out the range, then I recommend picking up the Baby Dove Caring Baby Bath Gift Set. It contains the head to toe wash, shampoo, body lotion and a baby sponge. It retails for £8 but is currently on sale at Boots for £6.40.

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To stand a chance of winning one of three Baby Dove Caring Baby Bath Gift Sets, follow the instructions listed in the widget below.

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Terms and Conditions

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I am not affiliated with Dove, Baby Dove or Unilever.

This post is NOT sponsored.

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    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      What a cute idea!

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