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Is L’Oreal #LashParadise Extatic Mascara worth the hype?

There has been HUGE hype over this beautiful, copper tube of mascara in the beauty world.
A quick search on YouTube will lead you to believe that this is the world’s best mascara (of the moment).

Here’s a little back story before I get started:

I tired getting my hands on the original version (in a dusty pink tube) sold in the USA, to no avail.

I Tweeted L’Oreal Paris UK asking if it’s the same and why the name is different but they didn’t reply so I haven’t bothered to follow up with an email (because I know when to cut my losses).

I really wanted to see if the US and UK versions were the same formula because of the name and packaging difference. The US also have four different colours available, and two waterproof shades. So far, the UK has only received a black shade and it is not waterproof.

Amazon US won’t ship the mascara to the UK and Target’s international shipping cost is more than the mascara itself, and that’s without customs charges added on. Amazon UK only sell the UK version, which is the same one that I picked up from Boots.

Long story short, I am not spending nearly £40 on a drugstore mascara, that might be identical to the one I already have (which cost me £10).

Update: Mariska from The Secret Board got in touch with L’Oreal in the Netherlands and they’ve confirmed that it is exactly the same formula.

I trialed this mascara for a full seven days before writing my review. My initial first impression was not great but I was determined to make it work and remain objective.

The photos below are of a one coat application, on a hot and humid summer’s day. I am not wearing any other makeup such as foundation or concealer around my eyes.

I wore the mascara for ten hours before taking the “evening” photos.

The #LashParadise Mascara description is as follows; “Take your lashes to paradise with intense volume and spectacular length. The Ultra-Soft brush coats lashes with a silky smooth formula, enriched with lash-loving castor oil. Lashes feel feather-soft, without any flaking.” Source

Five claims were made in the description above and I’ve put them to the test.


True. My lashes did look fuller / thicker.


Yes. Enough to make me happy.

Smooth Formula (I’m assuming they mean clump free?)

False. This is one of the clumpiest mascaras I have ever owned. I read somewhere that this was intended to be a one-coat wonder and I agree. I don’t recommend applying a second at all. It makes your lashes look so uneven and lumpy and it feels heavy.
It took me three separate tries before I mastered a relatively smooth application.

Lash Paradise: Two coats VS one coat

Soft-to-the-touch lashes

I wasn’t impressed with this ‘feature’. Sure, my lashes didn’t feel like hard plastic, but they didn’t feel nice either. They felt heavy and remained sticky. The lashes on the outer corners of my eyes were hooking each other like Velcro. It’s almost as if the mascara never fully dries and anything that comes into contact with your lashes gets a chalky grey smudge on it.

No Flaking

False. All the tiny clumps that were left on my lashes fell off onto my cheeks during the day, giving me a light grey cast under my eyes. The fall out also settled into the fine lines around my eyes, making the wrinkles look more pronounced. I would wipe the mess away but an hour later it looked the same again. The “evening” photos (at the bottom of this post) still have quite a bit of visible flakes, despite wiping them away throughout the day.

Buy L’Oreal Lash Paradise from Boots

Overall Thoughts

I love the packaging and the wand is easy to use but I am not a fan of the formula.

I am pedantic when it comes to mascara that I consider “good”. It needs to look super smooth up close and personal and that’s not what I get from Lash Paradise. If I was going out at night, then I would use it though because it does amp up the volume of my lashes, making for a dramatic look, and no one would see how uneven and clumpy they are.

I understand that makeup is personal and not everything will work across the board but this is not L’Oreal’s greatest mascara. I now own five of their mascaras and three of them are ride or die products for me. The Million Lashes – Feline mascara one is my all time favourites, followed by Miss Baby Roll and then Miss Hippie (waterproof).

Speaking of L’Oreal’s Miss Baby Roll mascara, I decided to do a comparison between the two, since they are both “volumising” mascaras.



Initially, the effect is pretty much identical, except that the Miss Baby Roll left virtually no clumps and curls the lashes a bit.
You can also go in for that second coat without worrying about ruining your mascara.
The formula dries quickly and feels weightless. I always forget that I am wearing mascara when I use Miss Baby Roll.

In the “evening” photos, you can see that there is a tiny bit of flaking, but not as much as the Lash Paradise Extatic side. Also keep in mind that I had wiped away the flakes from the Paradise mascara all day. I didn’t touch the Baby Roll side.

What stood out to me, is that the Paradise mascara looks better after ten hours wear because all the clumps have fallen off. At the end of the day, I could not tell which eye had which mascara on, just by looking at them. By feel, I knew instantly because the Paradise side was sticky.

Another difference is the price. Lash Paradise Extatic is £2 more expensive, at £10. Miss Baby Roll costs £8 and I picked mine up on sale for £6

In my opinion, I think you should rather opt for the Miss Baby Roll mascara because it gives you the exact same effect, minus the lumps. It is also cheaper, wears better and lasts much longer. It’s available in fun colours, such as indigo, lilac and teal, as well as a black waterproof formula.

Shop L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara from Boots

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  1. Bianca

    I like the Baby Roll mascara! I have a hard time with mascaras because none of them ever hold my lashes curled.

  2. Sharon

    Mascaras are honestly my nemesis. It can be difficult finding one you love. I think I’m going to pass trying this one out, thanks for the honest review!

  3. Kate

    What a detailed review! These photos are really helpful in getting an idea of the effect that the mascara has. Really appreciate the honest review too.

  4. Megan

    Is it wrong for me to still want to try the Lash Paradise????

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      I don’t think its bad, per say, just not my cup of tea. It does give you mad thick lashes though.

  5. five little doves

    Oh gosh that does look clumpy! I hate clumpy mascaras, even when they promise volume I’d rather not have it at all if it means sticky, gunky lashes! The second one looks way better!

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