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Making Memories

I’m not the most sentimental person on this planet but being pregnant and having so much love for the little boy in my tummy has made me want to savor every precious moment. I think that’s a fairly normal / natural thing to do when you have kids because they grow up just as fast as your new ‘mommy brain’ deteriorates.

I’ve been keeping a pregnancy diary of thoughts and experiences I’ve had and it’s already fun to read back to a few months ago and see how much I’ve changed – inside and out.

This sparked an idea to create cute keepsakes of Seth’s ultrasound scans.

I remember how utterly amazed I was when I saw his teeny tiny body for the time at 9 weeks.
Kids were not something I ever thought about much. I was rather indifferent to the idea, but seeing him was just WOW.
I dreamt of his little wiggling body the entire night and I had Jason Derulo’s ‘Wiggle’ stuck in my head for weeks.

I couldn’t (still can’t) wrap my head around the fact that he was only 17mm big but was already having such a huge impact on me, physically and emotionally.

I wanted to make sure I remembered this forever, so I scanned the prints of his ultrasound and opened up Photoshop.


I made the lines exactly 17mm and 74mm long to reflect his true size and included the date of the scans. It took some convincing to get the images not to stretch when printed (even though the artwork is exact) but now that it’s done I am so happy with the result.

These images are printed on 13cm x 18cm photo paper waiting to be framed and to be hung up in the nursery.

I hope I’ve inspired you to create something special with your ultrasound scans.

Stay Sparkly!

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  1. Meghan Silva

    What an amazing idea, huge congrats on the pregnancy.

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      Thank you so much Meghan!

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