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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching so I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite brands to create an epic list if gift ideas for you.

Jenny Wren Chocolates

This adorable and very unique box of chocolate is a real winner. It has a selection of white, milk and dark Belgian truffles and chocolates with some very unique fillings. My favorite was the passion fruit one. I’ve kept the beautiful box and it now houses some of my jewellery.

Shop the Original Collection Chocolate Box

Garnier Moisture Bomb Face Masks

Having a decent stash of face masks for some pamper time is never a bad idea. These from Garnier are seriously hard working tissue masks and they won’t break the bank either.

Shop Moisture Bomb Face Masks
£3 each

Braun FaceSpa 851v

This nifty multi-tasking gadget lets you buff, cleanse AND epilate your face. The tiny epilator will even remove hair that’s too short for wax to grip so you won’t ever have to worry about your peach fuzz anymore. The buffing pad gently exfoliates and increases blood circulation, while the cleansing pad will leave your skin six times cleaner than just an ordinary wash.
The set comes with an illuminated compact mirror and a beautiful carry case.

Shop Braun FaceSpa 851v

Burt’s Bees Lipstick

These moisturizing, satin-finish lipsticks are divine. They not extremely opaque but leave a decent wash of colour for a just-bitten kind of look. They are comfortable to wear and  come in range of 12, “flattering all year round” colours.

Shop Burt’s Bees Lipstick

Button & Wilde Luxury Personalised Bath Products

Button & Wilde offer a wide selection of personalised bath and body products starting at just £25. They have all kinds of unique fragrances such as wild citrus rose and sweet beat, lime and cedarwood. Combined with the option to add text or even a photograph to the label, you are guaranteed to create the most special gift for mum. Their website is so nifty, that you will be able to see exactly how your custom label is going to look before ordering, so you can tweek away to your hearts content.

Shop Button & Wilde Luxury Personalised Bath Products
£25 +

Nelsons Arnicare bath & massage balm

This is such a lovely product. Arnica is sooooo good for sore muscles but this goes far beyond that. Arnicare contains Evening Primrose oil, sweet almond oil, lavender and grapefruit extracts too. You can use it in the bath or run it onto damp skin – either way your body will thank you.

Buy Nelsons Arnicare bath & massage balm

Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine AC Hair Dryer

This budget friendly hair dryer is INCREDIBLE! It’s so powerful! (2200W) It rivals all the hair dryers I have used to date, even the ones with a hefty price tag. There’s no fuss or frills with this hair dryer, which I love. It does it’s job, and it does it well. I have thick hair which take a solid 20 minutes to dry but I can dry my hair on the coldest setting in just 6 minutes with the Rainbow Shine hairdryer. I love it so much that I have more in depth review coming up, but I highly recommend it.

Buy Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine AC Hair Dryer


This is a modern day answer to pricey bifocal lenses. You simply turn the little wheels on the side of the frame to move the inner lens. This will adjust the strength from +0.5 to +4.00D. They are the most versatile non-prescription reading glasses on the market. There are many fun shades available too such as two tone pink and purple or more classic ones such the tortoise one above.

Buy Eyejusters
£69 to £79

Matilda Meyers Notebook

Tangible Stationery sell a wide range of notebooks, including this beautiful Matilda Meyers one. Whether you need blank pages, ruled, square of even dotted, they’ve got it. Plus, they offer personalisation too!

Buy Matilda Meyers Notebook

Falcon de luxe The Whitesmith’s Cottage 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Although this is something more on the unusual side of gifting, I adore it and am completely obsessed with it! I love puzzles and I find the whole process really soothing. Can we also please take a moment to admire the detailed artwork!? It’s so beautiful and I really wish it was my little cottage.

Shop a similar Falcon de luxe puzzle

Mother of pearl Heart Locket from Jewellerybox

I have collected so many pieces of jewellery from Jewellerybox over the last few months but this locket is still my all time favourite. This locket can also be engraved. Be sure to check out their website because they are forever bringing out new and unique items.

Shop Mother of pearl Heart Locket

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