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Nutmeg (Morrisons) Baby Clothes Haul

If there is anything that I have learnt over the last eight months; it’s taking advantage of baby clothing sales. Babies grow even faster than everyone says they do. If you stare at them for a few minutes you will literally see them growing. Just kidding.

Seth is eight months old today but he’s been wearing 9 – 12 months clothes for the past month.
Every week so far, I’ve had to pack away at least six items of clothes because they seem to shrink overnight.

I popped into Morrisons (a grocery chain in the UK) this weekend for some milk and spotted a rack over flowing with sale items. (Everything was half price. Score!) I had a peek and found two items straight away. I left it at that because I needed to rush home with the milk. After some “reflection” (read “thinking about all the cute things that I saw”), I decided to head back to Morrisons that afternoon.

Here’s what I got:

Plaid onesie. £3.50

Car T-Shirt. £2.50

Three pack T-Shirts. £3.50

Dino T-Shirt. £2.50

Monster T-Shirt. £3

I also picked up five pairs of socks for £2 but they are currently tumbling around in the washing machine. My bad.

Morrisons (Nutmeg), Sainsbury’s (TU Clothing) and ASDA (George) have become my favourite places to shop for baby clothes and they are all grocery shops. Go figure!

Which are your favourite shops for baby and toddler clothes?

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  1. Mariam Jangda

    Who knew you could buy clothes at the grocery store!?

  2. Janet

    These are all lovely!

  3. Marcie

    You found these cute items at a grocery store!?! How awesome!

  4. Shell

    These are such adorable outfits!! When my boys were this little ,out of their clothes came from JC Penny’s or Mervyns ….

  5. sonali jain

    Three pack t-shirts and the first check print Onegin, I love the post 🙂 These are really cute outfit!

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