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Prestige Flowers - Noel

Send your loved ones flowers this Christmas from Prestige Flowers

We’re less than two weeks away from Christmas and I’m frantically rushing to make sure everyone who I am not seeing for Christmas this year, still gets a little something in the mail. For me, there’s no better feeling than giving people gifts. It’s just one of the ways that I like to show my love and appreciation.

Apart from presents and cards, I also like to send them flowers. The whole nine yards. There’s something special about the way a bouquet of flowers can lift your mood. When placed in your home, it makes everyone happy. (OK, maybe not lilies because those just make you sneeze.)

I associate people with specific flowers. When I think of my mom, I see cosmos and Barberton daisies. When I think of my ‘other mom’ (my best friend’s mom) I see big white roses. My best friend is a blue orchard. My aunt is blue hydrangeas. I associate my dad with black magic elephant ears because he grew them around our swimming pool and they were his pride and joy. (You should google them. The leaves get as big as a person.) And Charl… well… he’s a chocolate bar in my eyes.

When choosing which bouquet I want to send, I go by how I associate the flowers with that person, rather than what’s trendy at the moment.

Prestige Flowers

For my dad: The dark theme of this bouquet reminds me of the MASSIVE black elephant ears. He also loves unique orchids so I think he’ll be fascinated with these.
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Prestige Flowers

For Linda: My “other mom” and her pretty white roses. 25% of the bouquet’s price is donated to Children’s Charity Barnardo’s. This is even more is fitting because she’s so selfless. She’s a care worker and she flew all the way to South Africa to be by mom’s side while my mom was battling cancer.
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Prestige Flowers

For Nicole: Orchids in her favorite colour!
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Prestige Flowers

For Tina: I’m not sure why I see red roses when I think of Tina, my sister in law. I just always have. We’re also spending Christmas at their house this year, so this festive bouquet is perfect.
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Prestige Flowers

For Charl: If we weren’t already engaged, I think this would have sealed the deal and he’d love me forever!
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First Birthday Party

When it came time to choose the flowers for Seth’s first birthday, I knew they had to be blue and / or white. Not in the clichéd “blue because he’s a baby boy” way, but because he likes red and blue. If you hold out options for him, of anything, be it toys, treats or clothes, he will choose either red or blue. I just didn’t feel like having red flowers for his birthday.

Prestige Flowers - Noel

This is the Noel bouquet from Prestige Flowers. Isn’t it lovely!? It’s part of their Christmas flower range. I really like that they have more options than just the usual red, white and gold flowers for Christmas.

Prestige Flowers - Noel

Prestige Flowers - Noel

Prestige Flowers - Noel

The flowers arrived neatly arranged in a bouquet, in a large box that also housed the vase, a box of chocolates and a card with a message for Seth printed on it.

I trimmed the stems to the right height for the vase and tried my best to arrange it the way it arrived because it looked so pretty. I’m so chuffed that the flowers I received, look like the images on the website.

Prestige Flowers - Noel

My favourite part of the bouquet, apart from the beautiful roses, are the non-flowery bits, such as the pine cones, because I can re-use those. I’m also really into the leaves that have been painted white and silver.

All the flowers were in perfect condition when they arrived. There were no wilted wrinkles on the rose petals, or bruised stems.

The bouquet looked stunning for a full seven days before the roses started to wilt. The rest of the bunch stayed perfect for a further five days before the chrysanthemums wilted, so I’m extremely pleased with the longevity.

Shop this bouquet.

You can up-size your bouquet to a medium or a large, and add on extras such as balloons, candles, teddies, chocolates, wine or even a cake! No matter what the occasion, Prestige Flowers has got you covered – even for your last minute Christmas gifts with same day and next day delivery.

You can view all their flowers at

The Noel bouquet has been sent to me for a review.

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  1. Ophelia T

    All these flowers are so beautiful. They are great gifts for any events. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jenn

    I really like the one you picked for your dad. The orchids are beautiful!

  3. Patricia G

    These are very beautiful bouquets! I really think you have a lot of creativity. I think the Ferrero Rocher Bouquet for your fiance is interesting! 🙂

  4. Larissa

    How sweet, and what a personalized touch! I’m personally not a flower receiving girl, but I do love the way they look, and I would send bouquets in a heart beat. For me personally, I would enjoy the chocolate bouquet, or now they have cupcake bouquets made to look like flowers!

  5. Ashish

    A Ferrero Rocher bouquet?! Is this real life? This is amazing. All of these bouquets are really unique, I don’t believe I’ve seen anything like them before.

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      So rad hey!

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