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Duplo Number Train

Seth’s First Lego – Duplo Number Train

My grandmother is a Dane, so Lego, Hama Beads and Hygge, among other crafts and traditions, were a very big part of my childhood. My brother and I played with the Lego blocks that my dad passed down to us, and each Christmas my grandparents would gift us a box of Legos to add to our collection.

Everyone in my family is Lego obsessed and we all like different types. My cousin enjoys collecting the figurines. My dad, has an entire wall display dedicated to his Technic collection. My brother and I enjoy plain Lego blocks so that we can build the most realistic houses before demolishing them. It was only a matter of time before my son got his own set of blocks.

The Duplo Number Train is recommended from age one and a half but we got it for him when he was ten-months-old. We had a feeling he would like them and actually play with them, based on the other toys that he enjoys. It was an instant hit.

Duplo Number Train

At first, he would just hold the blocks and spin them and pass them between his hands. Wherever he went, he did so with a block in his hand.

Then he realized that the wheels on the wagons spin, so he spent about two weeks spinning them whenever they came out the toy box.

At the moment, he’s learning how to push the wagons backwards and forwards. I’ve been making train and car sounds while he plays and he’s mimicking this too.

I’ve been showing him how to stack the blocks and connect the wagons together, so he bashes them together in an attempt to join them.

He also spends a lot of time throwing the blocks into his toy box and fishing them out. This amuses him a great deal.

He’s had the blocks for about two months now and is still obsessed with them. He lets out an excited squeal when he spots them in the box or on the floor.

(Side note: I took the two child figures and the cat away for the time being because they fit in his mouth.)

Duplo Number Train

Duplo Number Train

Seth at ten months

It makes me very happy to see him enjoy something so much, for so long, and I know that it will only continue to entertain him, for many years to come.

Soon he’ll learn about the different shapes, then the different colours and onto numbers. He’ll be able to build the train himself and improve his roll play skills. His hand eye coordination has always been great, but this will keep making it even sharper.

Duplo Number Train

Seth at eleven and a half months

For £8, I think his Duplo Number Train may just be the best toy in his box.
Shop it here.

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  1. Vivian

    He looks like he loves it! So sweet~

  2. Shell

    Aww both of my boys loved playing with Duplos when they were little! This is a great gift idea!

  3. Cori @ Sweet Coralice

    Lego’s are great except when you’re stepping on them, lol. I remember buying these for my kids when they were small…these jumbo ones are perfect for little ones 😉

  4. Kate

    This is such a cute train! My two year old loves trains, and LOVES to try to get his big brother’s tiny little building blocks… I better by him a set like this one!

  5. Luci

    That is a really great toy for a toddler. They can learn so many skills from that toy.

  6. Sarah

    I love the look of this train and think both of my daughters would love it. It would be great for my three year old who can count and my one year old would just love the train!

  7. Little B & Me

    B had this & to this day he still sees it in shops & asks for it again (He’s 3 and a half now)

    Such a fab toy, glad its well receieved at your house too. ♡
    Yaaay for seth’s first Lego

    1. Leigh-Leigh the Unicorn Author

      It’s the best!

  8. Jill

    I too grew up with Lego and I think it also helps with developing children’ motor skills. I am glad your child love playing with them and hope he’ll pass down his toys as well.

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