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YesStyle – Shop Korean Beauty Products in the UK

I don’t think Korean beauty products need any introduction but in case you didn’t know, they are generally epic.

YesStyle is an online shop that sells Asian (Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese) fashion and beauty products at affordable prices. From what I’ve seen, they are sometimes up to £5 cheaper than most retailers that sell Tony Moly products.

If you are unfamiliar with Korean beauty products and you’d like to test a few before you fully commit, I recommend buying one of their selection boxes.

YesStyle offer two types of curated boxes:
A sample box which contains 10 sample or travel sized products for £17
and a Korean Beauty Box which contains 5 full size products and 5 mini products for £40

The items of the Korean Beauty Box are always displayed on their website so that you know exactly what you will be receiving. I like that I’m able to see what’s included in the box, letting me decide if it’s worth my while or not.

The current Korean Beauty Box theme is all about skincare. I received one of the earlier boxes which contained a selection of makeup and skincare products.

What’s in the Korean Beauty Box



Etude House - Collagen Eye Patch

Etude House – Collagen Eye Patch

I have not used this yet but I have my reservations about whether the body can actually absorb collagen from skincare.

Laneige - Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask

This is a lip balm that has vitamin C, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in it. I really like this product. I use it throughout the day, not only as a lip treatment at night like the name suggests.

It has made my lips super soft and I have not experienced any peeling. I’ll be quite sad when this runs out because £20 for a lip balm is quite steep for me personally but it works so well I might just have it suck it up. Luckily there’s loads of product in the tub so it will be a while before I need to worry.

Tony Moly - I'm Real Mask Sheet (Tea Tree – Skin Soothing)

Tony Moly – I’m Real Mask Sheet (Tea Tree – Skin Soothing)

I am a fan of Tony Moly’s sheet masks in general so I was very delighted to find a tea tree one in my box.
There’s nothing really special about these sheet masks but what sets them apart is all the different varieties you can choose from, such as lemon (brightening), broccoli (vitality) and red wine (pore care). Plus the packaging is super cute.

Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack (8 pieces)

TOSOWOONG – Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack (8 pieces)

This was by far THE BEST thing that came in the box. Charl and I had so much fun testing them and being grossed out by the little blackheads that stuck to it after we peeled them off.
I can say with absolute certainty that these work very well. They are also more affordable (£6 for 8 strips) than their competition.


Color My Brows (Light Brown)

Etude House – Color My Brows (Light Brown)

This is a tinted eyebrow mascara. I have not used it because it is not the right shade of my ashy brown brows so I cannot comment if it works or how it wears. All I can say is, is that the wand is massive compared to other brow mascaras I’ve used. It also has some glitter in it which puts me off even more.

Precious Mineral BB Cream Matt SPF50+ (Beige)

Etude House – Precious Mineral BB Cream Matt SPF50+ (Beige)

This BB cream is more of a foundation in my opinion. It’s quite thick and has decent coverage. I have not tested it out properly because it’s the wrong shade and has the wrong undertones for my skin so I couldn’t use it even if I lightened it.
I’m really bummed that this is the wrong shade for me because it also has SPF 50 in it. Oh well.

Creamy Lip Tint (01 Light Pink)

Macqueen – Creamy Lip Tint (01 Light Pink)
£ 5.61

This is a creamy liquid lipstick. It is extremely creamy – almost too creamy in my opinion.
The formula is easy to apply and not sticky in the slightest but it does feel very heavy on my lips.

Due to the creaminess, it applies a little unevenly. It looks stunning in photos but close up in the mirror I could see some of my freckles on my lips peeking through. The product also transfers easily so after a cup of coffee it’s pretty much all gone.

I don’t dislike it though because I’m really not fussy when it comes to lipstick. I don’t need it to be kiss proof or last all day but I doubt that I would ever go on to buy the other shades.

Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Virgin Red)

Berrisom – Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Virgin Red)

*Squeals in delight* I was VERY excited to see this lip stain in my box. It’s one of those fun peel off lip stains that made YouTubers loose their minds in 2014.

You apply the product onto your lips like any other lip gloss but you let it dry for five to ten minutes before peeling it off. It’s weirdly satisfying.

Once the product is peeled off, it leaves a dark red stain behind that lasts all day. I don’t think it’s everyone’s cup of tea but as someone who suffers from anemia and is always cold, my lips are always pale and blue so this product is the perfect solution for me. I just apply some lip balm over the top and my whole face transforms because I look more alive.

Oops Tint Cheek Cushion (Cream Peach)

Berrisom – Oops Tint Cheek Cushion (Cream Peach)

I AM OBSESSED with this blush. I adore the easy to use packaging. It has a cushion applicator that makes blending the product a dream. You press the cushion downwards to release more product. I like to do this on my hand in case I accidently dispense too much blush. It’s very build-able, blends out wonderfully and dries down to a semi matte finish. I haven’t noticed any fading during the day which surprised me because liquid and cream blushes have a reputation for going AWOL.

10 Seconds Auto Pencil Eyeliner swatch

BEAUTY PEOPLE – 10 Seconds Auto Pencil Eyeliner (Diamond Black)

Oh my wow! This stunning eyeliner is creamy and just a general pleasure to apply. It’s a dark, very pigmented black with shimmery bits in it. Once it sets (after ten seconds) it does not budge at all. I’ve used it on many occasions and it’s stayed beautiful all day. I have not tested it on my waterline, and I doubt I ever will because I’m petrified that the glitter will scratch my eyeballs!

Some swatches

Korean Beauty - Makeup Swatches

1. Berrisom – Oops Tint Cheek Cushion (Cream Peach)
2. Etude House – Precious Mineral BB Cream Matt SPF50+ (Beige)
3. Macqueen – Creamy Lip Tint (01 Light Pink)
4. Berrisom – Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Virgin Red)
5. Etude House – Color My Brows (Light Brown)
6. BEAUTY PEOPLE – 10 Seconds Auto Pencil Eyeliner (Diamond Black)

💄 💋💄 💋💄 💋

I adore six out of the ten products so I’m very happy with this box. I received items that I would NEVER have bought otherwise and some I did not even know existed so I’m super chuffed.

YesStyle are currently having an up to 50% off sale so I’ve placed an order for more Tony Moly sheet masks, the other two shades of the cushion blush and Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask. Plus, shipping is free on all orders over £30. I’ve never been asked to pay a customs charge but do bare this in mind when you shop as most of the items are sent from Korea.

Stay Sparkly!

Not sponsored.

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  1. Nat

    I LOVE Korean beauty products so much! I’ve always wanted to order from Yes Style in the past but I did worry about customs and postage, but it doesn’t sound too bad from what you said at the end of your post.

    I own all of the Berrisom lip tints and they’re so cool and amazing to use! Definitely some of my favourite lip products to reach for lately.

    I’m definitely going to order from there in the future! I want all the Tony Moly Pokemon goodies! 😛

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