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Tesco’s Festive Free From Baking Kits

Tesco’s Festive Free From Baking Kits

This year for Christmas, Tesco has expanded their Free From range to include treats such as a chocolate selection box, Christmas pudding and mince pies to name just a few.

In case you didn’t know, “Free From” is Tesco’s range of products that contain no milk, wheat or gluten. It’s very extensive and reaches all the way from wheat free bread to delicious ready-made meals. (View the entire Free From range.)

In addition to the festive Free From items, they have also made three Free From baking kits and I’ve put them to the test. As someone who is wheat intolerant, I have baked many flour-less cakes in my time, so I think I know a thing or two about making a cake that doesn’t feel like you are eating sand.

Tesco’s Festive Free From Baking Kits

Tesco Free From Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding Kit

First up, is the Tesco Free From Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding Kit. I was quite excited about this one, even though I had a few reservations. I love the way Christmas pudding looks, but I can’t stand the taste. However, I do love chocolate brownies. Doesn’t everyone?

This is the quickest and easiest of the three kits to make. You mix all the ingredients in one bowl, and pop it in the microwave.

I did have my reservations about this kit, for two reasons. Firstly, it’s made mostly of rice flour and then secondly the fact that it was to be made in the microwave instead of the oven. I don’t know if it’s just my own personal preference, but I have never been wowed by a microwave cake.

I powered through anyway and followed the instructions to the letter. To my surprise, it actually turned out great. The instructions mention that you can serve it hot or cold, but honestly, I would eat it within the first fifteen minutes after making it. The cake dried out too much and felt too grainy for my liking as the hours went on.

Shop this Tesco Free From Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding Kit

Tesco’s Festive Free From Baking Kits

Tesco Free From Vanilla Christmas Jumper Cake Kit

I LOVE VANILLA SPONGE CAKE. I could eat a whole plain vanilla cake, straight out of the baking tray without any icing whatsoever. I was VERY eager to try out this Free From Vanilla Christmas Jumper Cake Kit, and boy, did it deliver!

It’s one of the best vanilla cakes I’ve had in ages. It has the right firm, but not dry texture, with a yummy taste that reminds me of Boudoir biscuits (Lady Fingers). You’d never say that it is made with rice and potatoes.

I didn’t want to deviate from the design on the box too much because I wanted to show that you really do get enough ingredients in the kit to make a cake that is “as advertised”. I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough chocolate but I actually had some left over!

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Tesco’s Festive Free From Baking Kits

Tesco Free From 3D Gingerbread Star Kit

I was SO nervous to make this cookie sculpture. Would it hold its shape while it baked? Would it stay intact if I slot them together? Would it actually defy gravity and stand on its own? IT DID! It was a Christmas miracle!

This was by far the most time consuming of the three kits, but also the most rewarding! Just look at it!

The instructions say to roll the dough out between two pieces of clingfilm, cut out the shapes (printed inside the box) and then transfer the shapes onto baking paper. That didn’t work for me. The stars just stuck to the clingfilm and broke when I tried to pry it off. Instead, I rolled it straight onto baking paper and cut out the shapes. The two stars that were then left behind on the baking paper went straight into the oven. So much easier.

You’d never know this was a Free From ginger cookie. It’s super crunchy and extra fiery. There was enough dough left over to make a whole extra half of a star (I presume that they did this on purpose just in case one breaks). I used smaller cookie cutters and ended up with 6 smaller stars from the left over dough, which I’ve been enjoying with a cup of coffee.

Very, very chuffed with this show stopper cookie sculpture.

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The kits have been sent to me to review.

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  1. Susan

    I would try anything with the word brownie in it! 🙂

  2. Ginger Smith

    The “Free From” range sounds amazing! I don’t eat dairy or eggs so this would be so convenient! Sadly Tesco isn’t where I live, but it’s great to know that more and more companies are making lines like this! These treats look delicious! 🙂

  3. Shell

    Wow these turned out super cute and adorable!!! I love these for Christmas sharing:)

  4. Chad

    The holidays are the perfect excuse to eat as much deserts as I want. Great post!

  5. Indrani

    These seem so perfect for Christmas!
    Hope you had a grand time.

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