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Tinysaurus Seth’s Eight Month Check In

It always amazes me how much Seth learns in a month. I don’t think I make nearly a quarter of the amount of progress that he does.

All he’s wanted to do this past month, is crawl. He gets upset – throw a tantrum kind of upset – if you put him in his chair or bouncer instead of on the floor. He is SO “strong willed”. He’s nine months old but some days I feel like I am negotiating with a two-year-old.

We’ve started using “ah-ah” in a stern voice with violent head shaking if he goes near wall sockets or the fireplace (that doesn’t work). He now crawls to a plug and starts shaking his head. If he doesn’t touch it and crawls away, I praise him more than I’ve praised any puppy. I think the neighbours might think we have a puppy who’s a “very good boy”.

I thought we would have a few more months before we’d have to properly baby proof the house, but nope, the time has come. It’s really exciting but also crazy because THEY GROW UP SO FAST! I’m finding it hard to wrap my head around the fact that he’s almost a toddler! HOW!?

Something really cute (to me) that he’s doing, is watching his nappies being thrown away. He’s realised that they disappear into the nappy bin, so he’ll wiggle himself to peer over the edge of the change table (while I hold him) and then watches intently as I spin the lid to seal the nappy in the bin. The look of amazement on his face makes me want to scoop him up and give him a million kisses on his chubby little cheeks… but it’s a race against time to get a new nappy on before he wees on me!

Hide and seek is also fast becoming a favourite. The delightful squeal that he makes when he finds me is the best sound in the whole world. There’s nothing better than seeing your child happy and smiling. It makes my heart want to burst.

Something that’s been annoying me though, is that he doesn’t want to cuddle, at all. I miss our morning cuddles while he drinks milk. Now he can hold the bottle himself and takes his milk “to-go”. He’ll crawl around, make a milk stop, put the bottle down and carry on crawling. The only time I get cuddles is when he’s struggling to fall asleep so I’m really feeling left out. Mr Independent.

It’s been a really good month for us all though.

I hope I didn’t just jinx it.

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  1. Officiallychic1

    Awwww he is just adorable! I miss the days of my son first learning to crawl and walk. And don’t worry, in a few months, he’ll be back to wanting to cuddle with you and hug you. My son is almost 2 and all of a sudden he just wants to sit in my lap and hug me all the time! I love it though.

  2. Zoë

    Ah he sounds so sweet. It’s lovely that you’re following his progress so thoroughly. Kids really surprise me in how quick they learn and I’m sure he’ll come back for more cuddles soon! x

  3. Emily at theexpatmama.com

    Awww cherish this time, it goes far too quickly! I swear yesterday my babies were yet to crawl and starting to let us get to know their personalities, and now they’re 4 and 5!!! Enjoy it.

  4. Priyadarshini Rajendran

    Your little one is so cute. My son is 10-months-old now and I also enjoy his little tantrums a lot.. the head-shaking though 😛
    My son also is so strong-willed!

  5. Rosemary

    The most precious adorable little boy.

  6. Ger

    Awwwwwww…the last time I’d a little one this small was three years ago. I miss it ! Especially the crawling and discovery stage ! It does go by fast but really he will always be your baby, I’ve a 12 yr old who still likes a cuddle from mammy when his day has been hard x

  7. Fiona

    Such a great age they grow so quickly. Cherish every moment

  8. Sara | mumturnedmom

    Ah, I loved this stage. So many changes happening, and their personalities really start to develop strongly. So much fun. But, yes, a lot of ‘no’ 🙂 I love your photos, gorgeous boy x

  9. Sarah

    He sounds like he is doing really well. I do love this age they are so adventurous and learning at such a rate, everything is new and exciting.

  10. Megan

    My precious boy, you’re growing too quickly! Don’t worry about him not cuddling right now, he’ll go through stages of independence but the love that a boy has for his mom is so crazy big.

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