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Tinysaurus Seth’s Nine Month Check In

Last month I said that it was a pretty easy one and I hope I didn’t jinx it… well I did.
September was a weird one. I wouldn’t say difficult but it sure was trying and tiring.

Seth welcomed in the new month by cutting his two big front teeth and it reminded me of those early colicky days where nothing on this earth helps.

We have all the teethers, teething gel, granules and medicine under the sun, but they don’t seem to do much. I shudder to think how bad it would be without them because even with numb gums he would scream as if we were murdering him and NOTHING would calm him down. Nothing. We resorted to just holding him until he fell asleep, which took about 2 hours.
My arms are stronger and my hearing is weaker. I am also pretty sure my neighbours hate us. It may just be coincidental but one of them have moved out. Oops.

The term “Velcro baby” is an understatement. Usual fun things, like bathing, going to soft play or even the park became a nightmare because he would throw a tantrum if I even thought about putting him down. I didn’t mind the extra cuddles because I’ve missed them but it made everything else, like going to the bathroom, difficult again. I am not complaining. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the type of person who gets easily frustrated and I will gladly rock him for hours on end if that is what he needs. I just got used to the routine of putting him somewhere safe with a toy and he’d be content while I made some coffee or lunch. Instead I was doing everything with one hand again, like the early days and I forgot how much of a mission that is.

I was worried that this was more than just teething because he really wasn’t happy and it wouldn’t let up. His doctor checked on him and the Health Visitor was due for a visit and both assured me that he was fine. Slowly, reallllllyyyy slowly, he started to smile again around the third week of September.

He then tried climbing up on the couch and he succeeded so from that point on he has been obsessed with trying to stand up by himself. It’s like he forgot all about his gums and now MUST stand up, ALL the time. It is the only thing that matters.

He must stand when I change his nappy (this is a logistical nightmare guys!). He must stand in the baby bath. He must stand in his cot (and spy on the neighbours). He must stand in his car seat, in his buggy, in the grocery trolley… Just everywhere. If I try re-position him or try put him in his chair, he does this weird thing where he makes his whole body stiff and throws his head back, much like a classic scene form any exorcism in a movie. I think it’s hysterical.
I joke that he has a “standing monster” inside him that gets VERY upset if he is tilted even slightly horizontal. I’ve taken to tickling his tummy when he does this because he then flops down into his chair and I can quickly strap him in while he giggles. The Standing Monster is no match for The Tickle Monster.

I am glad to see that my child is as stubborn as I am. It is mad exhausting and everything takes three times as long but the kid knows what he wants and I am cool with that.

This past week he is back to his usual smiley self and he has started laughing hysterically at certain words. It took me by surprise because I was making dinner, chatting away when he burst out laughing. We all laughed with him and then carried on talking but soon he did it again. He was laughing to the word “and”.

Other words that are THE funniest words, like ever, are “poop”, “huh” and “milk”.

He’s also starting to imitate us and it is adorable. If you hiccup, then so will he. It is so cute I could die.

Probably the biggest success this past month though, is him sleeping until 3am, having a dream feed and then only waking up again at 7am. In our house this is a massive deal and I am VERY glad to be getting a decent 5 hour stretch of sleep each night. It is bliss!

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  1. Jeff Honeywood

    Kids learn so much at that age. I’m glad he’s past his grumpy teething phase and in the laughing standing phase.

  2. Shoppers Gossip

    Great post! I also have baby too….”exorcism in a movie” hahaha …your writing is very interesting to read.

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