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Tinysaurus Seth’s Six Month Check In

I think you’ve all just said, “But he’s seven months old?”. He is indeed. I’ve realized I’ve been doing his monthly check in’s all wrong.

I would take his monthly photo (say, five months) and then write a “five months check in” but he JUST turned five months old, so whatever I was saying in the post, was actually all about the month before… so it SHOULD have been a four month check in. Does that make sense?

I also just want to say that I don’t do these posts to boast about what Seth is up to. I’m just sharing milestones so please don’t ever compare our children. They’re all different and doing things at their own pace.

The first thing that struck me when I compared his five month and six month photos, is how different he looks! He’s gotten so chubby! I am beyond proud (and relieved because it’s very difficult for him to put on weight). His hair is also out of control and it is so cute!

I’ve been enjoying him so much this month. It’s hard to describe but it’s very rewarding to have your child interact with you. In the early days, you play and sing and talk etc, and even though they do laugh and smile it still feels very… one sided. Now if I “boop” his nose, he’ll touch my nose in return. Do you know what I mean?

The kid doesn’t like to sit upright unassisted, but he’s very nearly got this crawling thing down. He crawls backwards really well but still caterpillars forward instead of using his knees. He’s close though, and he’s SO quick. He also hates being in a play pen because he just wants to gallivant all over the house, squirming from one side of the lounge to the other. He also pulls on the couch and well, everything. I feel like I may blink and then he’ll be walking!

He’s expanded his mumbles from “hey” to include “hello”, “mama” and “dada” and his pronunciation of the words have become a lot clearer too. He only says “mama” when he needs something. So typical. He’ll ly in his cot calling “mama, mama, mama” until I pick him up but if he spots Charl, he squeals with glee and says “DADA!”. If we go on walks and he falls asleep, he’ll greet you with a “hello” after he wakes up. It makes me laugh so much because he scrunches up his face to try pronounce the ‘L’ sound.

At the moment, he has two bottom teeth coming through. They are only about 1mm tall but they are there and his smiles have become infinitely cuter. Shame, we should probably stop pestering him with all the “Where’s you toothy? Oh! There it is!” remarks. If he could roll his eyes at us, I’m sure he would.

He’s had his first proper illness, which was tonsillitis. It took us a while to pick it up because he had no fever, whatsoever. He was just becoming increasingly lethargic and not playing but still drinking and eating. I felt a bit silly taking him to pediatric A&E because he was “sleeping too much” but I’m glad that I trusted my gut. (He’s actually just spent the weekend in hospital with a viral infection. I’m a VERY calm person but I’ve never been so scared. I’ll write more about that in next month’s update.)

He’s still not a big sleeper and wants milk three times a night but I’ve gotten so used to it that I actually don’t like sleeping through the night now either. 3 AM is when I get up for the day. I get most of my freelance work done between 3 and 6AM. Then Charl gets up for work, which wakes Seth up but by the time Charl leaves, Seth usually wants to have a nap, so we snooze until 8 AM before the day really starts. It’s working for us and I don’t feel tired so I’m quite happy with this routine.

I mentioned in the last check in that my post-natal depression was really bad. I can safely say that I am on the mend. It took a combination of things, such as taking the Nexplanon out but I also refused to go on medication. Having a history of depression, I knew that the meds were not the answer this time. What I needed was therapy. I was in this dark place because I was mourning a lot of things. I had to go through all of it, to get to the other side. If I took meds, I feel like I would have then just started feeling better, instead of actually getting the root causes. It’s a very complicated topic and so unique to everyone but I’m confident that I’m doing what’s right for me.

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