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Tinysaurus Seth’s Three Month Check In

Let me get this out my system real quick – WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?

It simultaneously feels like yesterday and a life time ago that I got to meet this little munchkin for the first time. I can’t believe it’s only been three months but I also can’t believe that it’s been three months already.

I am glad to be at three month mark though. Having a ‘new’ newborn is tough stuff. Looking back at it now I think it was majorly traumatic. How you are just thrust into this thing called motherhood, sore from giving birth, tired from trying to learn to breast feed and generally just doing your best to survive your new reality. Thank goodness for adrenalin though. And pizza.

I actually feel bad for families who are about to experience it for the first time. As beautiful and rewarding as it all is, those first few days are so intense. Or maybe they just were for me? Three months into this journey is not a long time but I much would rather be here than go through the first three weeks again. Sjoe. I feel like I’ve found my footing and caught my breath. I’m under no illusion that I have any clue what I’m doing but my kiddo is happy and healthy and that’s all that matters. Right?


Seth is doing very well. He’s so happy and smiley. I think going to the shops is one of his favourite things because he never stops smiling when we’re out. He’ll spot someone in the queue behind us and he’ll giggle away at them. It’s so cute but it’s made me have to be the “nasty mom” and tell people off for coming too close and or wanting to touch his chubby cheeks. Seriously though, if you are one of those people who touches a stranger’s kid (even if it’s just touching their hair, cheek, hand or shoulder) stop that shit. There are many reasons why but mainly GERMS, personal space and it’s just super creepy. You weirdo. Anyway, you can tell that my Mama Bear instinct is alive and well.

I’m sure every parent says this, but man he’s the cutest (and the smartest). Watching him grow and develop is so amazing. It’s probably the best part of parenting for me. Seeing how happy he is to see me in the morning. How he waves when his daddy says “hello”. How his eyes light up when the fish swim past the front of the aquarium. It all makes my burst with pride. I can’t wait for his first soccer game or school play.

Bath time is our favourite. He loves the water. As soon as I put him in his bath seat he gives the biggest smile and his eyes go wide with excitement. He starts kicking his legs and squeals when the water splashes him. It’s so damn adorable I want to bath him three times a day but that would mess with the all mighty routine. I am seriously considering taking him to baby swimming classes when the weather is warmer.

He’s begun to realise that the funny objects we keep rattling in his face are actually toys and that they are entertaining. He’s figured out how to make the owl hoot on his bouncer and much to his delight, he’s learnt that if he kicks his legs, the bouncer bounces so he never stops kicking.

He’s started gumming things and his favourite chew toy is his hands. I’ve bought a few different teethers and he seems to have taken to his Gummee Glove more than the others but nothing is as delicious as his tiny digits.

I could go on and on about the cute stuff he does but I’ll wrap it up here.

I feel so lucky that I get to have this special soul in my life. I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life at the moment. It’s perfect.

Thanks for reading and I hope you didn’t barf too much.

Stay sparkly!


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