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Songmics Ottoman

Toy storage for small homes: Ottomans

The house that we currently live in, is teeny weeny. We recently moved from the East Midlands to the South of England, but we’re not 100% sure where we want to call home around these parts. We just picked the first, most practical house that was close enough to work while we get to know the area. This is all good and well apart from the fact that my son’s toy collection seems to grow daily.

With his birthday that just passed, and Christmas on the way, I knew we were going to have to come up with some toy storage solutions that do more than just store toys.

I opted for an ottoman in the lounge, and a shoe rack in his bedroom. I’ll get to the shoe rack in another post though.

The Ottoman I picked is from Songmics. They sell their flat pack furniture on Amazon. We have quite a few of their products in our home already, such as a bamboo bench and lots of shelving. They’ve survived three house moves already and have served us very well. I’ve always been pleased with the quality and functionality of their products, so I contacted them for a collaboration.

I went for a brown pleather ottoman, not only to match the colour scheme in the lounge, but so that I could easily clean it after my son wipes his slimy, banana cover hands on it. The kid loves bananas.

Songmics Ottoman

The ottoman is 110cm long, 38cm high and 38cm wide. That’s loooots of space to keep all of Seth’s toys in, but also enough to comfortably seat two people, should you need extra seating.

We had Seth’s first birthday party this weekend the extra seating space came in very handy. I was wondering if it would survive two adults sitting on it for a few hours, and it did, easily. It is rated to withstand 300kg of weight bearing down on it though, so I guess this was light weight for the ottoman.

For something that arrives flat in a box and then simply folds out, it’s extremely sturdy and has surpassed all of my expectations.

I’m so grateful for Seth’s toys but you can only trip over little cars SO many times before you go insane. Don’t even get me started on Legos! Now everything is tucked away in the ottoman and my lounge is neat and tidy. Bliss!

Songmics Ottoman

You can visit Songmics’ website if you would like to see more of their products.
Head over to their Facebook page for updates. Pst! They often run giveaways too.


If you would like to win an ottoman just like this one from Songmics, simply follow the instructions in the widget below.

Win an Ottoman from Songmics


Please note that Facebook likes are not required to enter but they are always appreciated. Thank you.

Terms and conditions

Open to UK residents only.
No purchase required.
The competition runs from Sunday, 3 December 2017 to Wednesday, 20 December 2017.
One winner will be announced on Thursday, 21 December 2017.
The winner will receive one ottoman from Songmics, as pictured.
The prize is not transferable for cash.
Prize is sponsored by Songmics.

I have not been paid to write this post or run this giveaway but the ottoman has been sent to me upon request.

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  1. Solange

    I like Dark Gray the best as it matches the decor of my living room.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    CHOCOLATE brown matches my decor perfectly

    Great storage solutions

  3. Elzbieta Znyk

    Dark Gray, I like this colour and looks good in every other.

  4. Jessica Powell

    I like the black – it would match our sofa.

  5. Ellen Sheppard

    The brown would be best for us – we live in military housing which is magnolia all over!

  6. Lindsey Stuart

    I absolutely love the colours, I would go for the chocolate brown colour as it matches everything in my home! I love brown or beige colours through out my home I feel it makes everything look cosy and it really does go with anything 🙂

  7. Sarah McVicar

    The dark grey as it is the colour of my hallway, would be handy for shoe storage

  8. Mandy Waller

    My sofa is dark grey so this would fit in fantastically 🙂

  9. Wendy Jones

    I love the beige as i have the smaller version of this in beige. (wish i’d got the bigger one now,lol)

  10. Alice Colling

    Chocolate brown, lovely item would look great and match my sofa.

  11. Dean T

    Black purely because we have cats and they leave their muddy paws everywhere and love to sleep on things like this

  12. Kim Neville

    I like the brown which complements our leather sofas

  13. Simon C

    I think the grey one looks best, and would probably fit in better with our decor too.

  14. Kim Carberry

    I like the brown one….It would go with the colour scheme in my bedroom 😀 x

  15. Michelle Ferguson

    I love the chocolate brown one as it matches our sofas

  16. Claire w

    Te grey as it matches my rooms decor

  17. sarah summers

    dark grey would go perfect with my new frontroom

  18. Daniel Harrison

    I’m a dull person so grey suits me well!

  19. Lyndsey Cooksey

    It has to be the chocolate brown colour as it will go perfectly in my living room. Perfect for my daughters niknaks!

  20. kayleigh Robinson

    The grey would match my bedroom perfectly. My bedroom is grey and yellow with some gorgeous wallpaper that has birdcages on it. It would look great 😍

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