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World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018 – The Gruffalo

This is the first time that Seth and I took part in World Book Day. Last year this time, he was three months old and although I could have easily put him in a cute onesie, I was just too exhausted to care.

Book Day is BIG here in England, and it feels a lot like a practice run for Halloween. Although a part of me is mumbling something about commercialism under her breath, the rest of me is jumping up and down in excitement. I love books and dressing up and I look forward to seeing which characters Seth chooses in the years to come.

I had to choose a character for him this year because I still don’t understand what language he speaks. The sounds he makes are similar to that of a turkey and a seal. I used to be VERY sure that I gave birth to a human baby, but I have my doubts at the moment.

Seth LOVES rhyming stories, so he adores everything by Julia Donaldson. My best friend had gifted him Gruffalo pajamas for Christmas, so it was a perfect match. It also happened to be a snow day, so we just stayed in our pajamas all day and read many books. It was bliss (and blizzardy).

World Book Day 2018

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