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Zombie Jelly Shots

Last year, I picked up the most epic shot glasses from Wilko (similar ones here) but never got to use them. Then, this year, while browsing the Halloween section at Tesco, I saw a really cool brain jelly mould (same mould here) and an idea popped into my head. What if I filled the shot glasses with green jelly, and put red jelly brains on top? I went home and did just that and IT WORKED SO WELL!

To make 4 zombie jelly shots, you’ll need:

4 skull shot glasses
Brain jelly mould
½ pack green jelly (250ml when mixed)
½ pack red jelly (250ml when mixed)
Non-stick baking spray
Hot water
Vodka (optional)


Make the two jellies as instructed. I used Hartley’s jelly cubes in lime and strawberry.

Pour the green jelly in the shot glasses. Each glass holds 60ml of liquid.
Spray the brain mould with a tiny bit of the non-stick spray and then pour in the red jelly. Each brain also holds 60ml of liquid.

Place the glasses and mould in the fridge to set.

Once set, carefully remove the brains and place them on top of the shot glasses. THAT’S IT! So quick and easy and they look awesome!

Zombie Jelly Shots


If you would like to “spike” these shots with some vodka, simply replace one third of the water with vodka.

To make one pack of Hartley’s jelly:
250ml boiling water to dissolve
add 165ml chilled vodka and
85ml cold water

To make half a pack of Hartley’s jelly:
125ml boiling water
80ml vodka
45ml cold water

I rounded off the measurements so that you don’t have to try and measure out half a milliliter.

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